[Custom Keyword] - WebUiCommonHelper.findWebElements() - does not switch to parent IFrame


I am writing a custom keyword to verify a particular text is not present in the Grid in column X

Following is the TestObject I have defined.
XPATH = ‘//table[@id=‘tblMyDocumentsResults’]/tbody/tr/td[9]’
Object has Parent IFrame = '//iframe[@id=‘iframe_103’]

Now in Customer keyword I am using following command to get list of WebElements
List rows = WebUiCommonHelper.findWebElements(testObject, 60)

After executing the script.
In Console I am seeing that, System is not switching to IFrame before locating the elements which causes the element not to be found.


Thank you so much for your report. I will move this thread to Bug report box for further investigating.


Hi Chintan,

Only built-in keywords can switch to parent objects (iFrame, shadow DOM) automatically, other functions e.g findWebElements or findWebElement can’t switch automatically because they are not implemented yet within these functions.

We will consider to improve it in later releases



Hi @Vinh_Nguyen, @duyluong Has this issue been fixed in the latest version of the product v6.2?