WebDriver cannot switch between DefaultContent to iFrame

Please the steps i have followed,

1.A webpage contains default content and IFRAME

2.While recording I have clicked the element which is present inside the IFRAME.

3.FYR, Please find the below screenshot the element which i have clicked (a_Team_Action1_But_Add-Object Repository) and its mapped to parent iframe relationship.

  1. After the Recording Actions i have run the code, which throws the below error (a_Team_Action1_But_Add) not found

FYR, Please find the below screenshot
1.Parent IFRAME:


I found this “parent frame” option to be flaky.

What I usually do when I work with iframes I check-off the “parent-element” and instead add the switchToIframe() line manually.


Thanks for the suggestion

For the above query , is there any specific setting options are available to check -off the "parent -element " and insert line switchToIframe() while doing Recording Actions itself.

Kindly suggest on this.

You cannot do it programmatically, if that’s what you mean. You will need to switch it off in the object definition in the object repository.