Cross-Platform Dropdown and iOS Scrolling Challenges

We are currently facing challenges in effectively managing dropdowns on both Android 13 and iOS 11 platforms. Furthermore, scrolling to specific elements on iOS poses an issue.
Requires solution for this on an urgent basis .

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I strongly recommend for you to read this topic prior to move forward:

and accept the policy.
And, act accordingly.

We are currently facing challenges tell us nothing.

Steps followed:

  1. Scripting for Dropdown Handling and Scrolling: In the initial step, we created scripts to manage drop downs on both Android and iOS platforms, as well as implemented scrolling functionality for iOS.
  2. Code Execution for Dropdown Handling and Scrolling: Subsequently, in the second step, we executed the code responsible for handling drop downs and enabling scrolling on iOS.
  3. Automation Script Execution Challenges: Unfortunately, during the execution of our automation scripts, we encountered issues with selecting elements from the dropdown lists on both Android and iOS, in addition to difficulties with scrolling to specific elements on iOS. These challenges necessitated manual intervention to interact with the drop downs and perform scrolling. We are actively exploring potential solutions to address these issues and streamline the automation process.

Expecting the Solutions for this at the earliest.

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expecting from your side to read this topic and act accordignly:

we are not here to guess what it is going on.
up to now you just described a certain workflow, but no valuable data is provided (what is the AUT etc)
if you are a paid licence user, raise a ticket with katalon support

Do either of these guides help?