Creating more than 1 project in Katalon Studio free trial


I am trying the Katalon Studio software on its functionality before deciding whether buying the license. I have tested for Web Testing based on the sample project given and I would like to create a new project for API Testing. However, I found out that I was unable to create a new project anymore.


Are we only allowed to open 1 project to try on Katalon Studio for free trial?

Thanks for answering my doubt in advance.

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Hi @yu.ting.tan,

Thank you for raising the question. If you are in the trial period (first time using Katalon Platform), you will enjoy the all-features version for 30 days. After the trial period, you are using our Free offering with the following detailed description below:

You can check more information about Free and other plans here.

Please let me know if you need further information. Best,

Hi @vu.tran ,

Based on your description, I am supposed to be allowed to have up to 3 Active Projects. Do you know what is the reason why can’t I create any new project anymore eventhough I only have 1 active project?


Hi @yu.ting.tan, that’s interesting. I would think that your organization owner can check how many active projects that are/were created. In this case, you can check the total number of projects due to admin limit role. Are you able to check with your colleagues?

Basically I registered using my company email so I’m the only one accessing this account so I guess there shouldn’t be any other else who able to create project with my account?

The number of projects is not the problem for you.

As of Katalon Studio Platform Edition (V8.5.0) you can not create a new project in Katalon Studioseriously; I am not joking.

Instead, you have to start with TestOps to create a new project; and then you open the project in Katalon Studio. That’s the way how Katalon team wants you to follow. See the following instruction:

Another option for you is to downgrade Katalon Studio to 8.4.x or older, and stay with it in future. You can get previous versions at

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I see, thank you very much @kazurayam for your help and information. Will try on it.

Thank you @kazurayam for your information. That makes sense, I focus too much on the no. projects.