Create your first API test with Katalon Studio

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Hello, do you know ? verified data in testcase ?

I tested my first API, it was a GET request and was successful. How do I add the json file for response verification? On the Web page, it indicates to use CTRL+COMMAND+K to upload a json file for verificaton, but it does not seem to work.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @bharati.desai

You can just copy the content of that JSON file into the verification script tab and parse it to verify the response. For how to parse a string into a json object, please refer to:

Hi there.
On my website, I have several buttons in different panels. Each button has it’s own name in the code. When I use the recording tool, the buttons mysteroiusly has the same names.
E.g. I have 4 buttons called “Show more”, their names in the code is different, e.g. showMore, showMore2, showMore3 and showMore4.
In the object repository, there is only one button, called showMore.
Why is that?