Create Allure Report extention Plugin

I am willing to contribute Katalon Community to create a Plugin for Allure reports.
Please can some one let me know if there is any way we can use Allure Plugins API to generate Allure reports.


Hi @nirav.makwana

You should visit the source code of Basic Report:

and Sample Report plugin to see how to retrieve the execution information from Katalon Studio:

A tutorial to how to create Katalon Studio plugin is here:

I haven’t taken a look at the Allure API yet, but hopefully you can.

Cheers !

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Thanks a lot @ThanhTo.
The Plugin creation worked for me and I was able to integrated the Extent Reports into Katalon.
But there is just on concern.

Is there any way I can override the verifyElementText() and other similar Verify and Assert methods that I can override and add the Extent Logging into that?

Currently I have to put If() conditions on every Verify and Assert Methods that I call for each Object for WebUI testing

I believe @kazurayam can answer this. Hey Kazu is this possible with metaprogramming in Groovy ? I am not an expert on this.

Yes, it is quite possible.

Please study the method pandemic in the following source.

For reference, you may want to refer to Groovy’s metaprogramming tutorial:

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Wow! that was a quick response.
Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Hello Nirav,


As per the post i see that, you were able to create extent report plugin.

But, can i know if by any chance you worked on allure with katalon ?? were able to achieve something on this ??

Am literally looking for Allure with Katalon studio. Appreciate if you could comment on this.

Thank you in Advance !!


I am still working on it.
Please let me know your findings. We can collaborate on it and find some solution.

I have created Extent report integration.
Just need to know how can I add folder to reports section that can be visible in Katalon Studio too.
Creating a folder manually is not visible in Katalon Studio reports section.

If you create Extent reports into the <projectDir>/Reports directory, then your reports will NOT be visible as Katalon Studio intentionally hides the directory in the Tests Explorer pane. I think it is not a good idea to try reusing the Reports directory for your intention.

But Katalon Studio’s Tests Explorer pane shows any custom directories/files (except the Reports directory) in the project directory created by user. As an example, you can see the following post:


Why not you try creating a new directory (e.g, <projectDir>/Extent) and store reports in there, then the reports will be visible in the Tests Explorer of the Katalon Studio’s GUI.

I have integrated with ReportPortal(Using Listeners- You can see the example in community), which is absolutely better than allure(Enterprise Level)

Hi Arun,

Have you implemented the Extent report for Test suite Collection for Report Summary?

I am currently looking for the consolidated report for Test Suite Collection. In my project, we are trying to get the consolidated report for parallel execution using test suite collection.

Hi is there any update on this please ? like any plugin anything we can integrate for extent report or Allure report please.

I have given up on Allure report integration.

I am looking forward and working on Extent report generation.

sure if we are able to integrate extent report it also great because traditional reporting plugin not very good in html reporting

Hi Naveen,

I have Used ReportPortal. That looks good !!

Hi Nirav ,

Can you please share how did you build and integrate the extent reports

Thank you,

Hi Rohini,
Allure reporting is not actually possible in Katalon studio.
I have not found any help to create Allure report Plugin due to it’s lack of proper documentation.

But I am successfully able in work wit Extent reports.
That is working fine, but with some limitations.

I’d love to be able to use any other means for reporting than the basic report, any insight as to how you did, or when an ETA to the plugin being available?

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Hi nirav,
Can you please share with us how extent report worked with you ?
I wanna do the same.

Thank you!