Could not able to resolve an issue -- Please get this sorted

Hi Team / All,

We have installed Katalon Studio and other necessary software. Please find the list of software’s installed and their version used.

Katalon — Installed Version 6.3.3
Node.js — Installed Version 10.16.3
Appium — Installed Version 1.15.0

Other supporting software’s for Vysor and Windows are also added. While doing mobility testing, after browsing apk files and once clicked the start button, system always throw a popup displaying error. The error is "Unable to create a new remote session. Please check the server logs for more".

Meanwhile we searched in google (Katalon Forum). We made changes such as we changed the device (Mobile phone), we also added the term appWaitActivity----String—* in Project settings, restarted the system many times yet nothing worked out. Also for sample test cases the above error (as given in inverted commas) is displayed. Besides screenshot has been attached to confirm the same.

We tried our level best. Please someone in this forum could help us to resolve an issue. It would be very helpful for us.