Convert text to Integer in one step

**Command: storeEval Target: storedVars[‘variable’].match(/\-*\d+\.\d+/); Value: variable
Notice the ; at the end of Target. Without ; code does not execute.

Variable can be any string of characters, and resulting stored valule is positive or negative number. Usable in math.

I do have a problem tho, it seems that Katalon sees no difference between a negative and positive value when its fed as variable to If statement.
The task at hand is: if results are less than 0.000, go to next bot an backtest. elsif results are more or equal to 0.6 then do few mouseclicks and activate the bot.
Katalon seems treat all values the same, negative or otherwise and i have no idea what to do here. Advice be apriciated!

by the way, i have improved upon this code and it now takes into acount positive or negative the value is as well as numbers after decimal point.
storeEval | storedVars[‘variable_to_turn_into_number_for_further_use’].match(/\D*\d+.\d+/); | ${new_variable_name}
It will take the variable from Value and regex extratct from it number starting with negative, with a number after decimal point.
Basically we get an integer from any text, extracting only numbers