Controlling slider in web automation

Hi, I have been trying to control the slider but I am failing to do so. The slider doesn’t move as per the value specified. Kindly help.

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WebElement slider = driver.findElement(By.xpath("//input[@type='range']"));
    slider.sendKeys(Keys.ARROW_RIGHT); //one arrow right will move 5%. you can use a loop to determine how much you want to move.
try and let me know
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@Manu_Mahendran Thank You so much. It worked!! I was stuck in this since yesterday. Thank You.

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Cheers bro

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Could you please let me know ho how can I handle slider for web.I am tying it but as I am new to katalon I am not able to implement it.

Sristi Sharma

I used the solution provided by @Manu_Mahendran


do I need to create custom keyword for that?
I am trying the solution given by @Manu_Mahendran but may be I am doing something wrong.
Could you share what change you have done in your code

Thank u

Slider automation in Katalon studio