Contract Testing For Micro Services

Well Katalon is actually a great tool for almost all platforms and I love to use it at many levels (Web, Mobile, Api Integration).

What I actually missing is Contract Testing for Micro Service that allow users to do consumer Driven Testing for each micro services. I really feel Katalon can add this feature as they already achieve Services testing. Almost every company now moving towards Micro services and Contract testing is 1 of the best Solution to test any micro service in isolated environment.

We really appreciate if Katalon Team start doing something on Consumer Driven Testing and Add in future Road map.

@Russ_Thomas Please add your thoughts and suggestion.


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Are you considering something like this? (see under the heading Build With Your IDE)

Perhaps one of these guys could take a look @Andrej_Podhajsky, @bionel, @Brandon_Hein, @kazurayam

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We are just starting one project with microservices … so i have no info now and we are just starting to look around …

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@Russ_Thomas i will try to digest this … but at first look, in my eyes looks more like a feature to be offered by the platform (e.g. testops) and not a feature for the tool.
We have to distinguish between such. Every platfom, in the end, is just a bunch of scripts around various toys, offered throuh an ‘click an go’ interface.
And when somebody will provide a clear definition between microservice and monolith, i will bring more info.
For the moment let us make the difference between a tool and the service.

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I had similar thoughts. but I don’t know enough to take a position.

However, it’s a nice topic. I will try to bring more relevant documentation

@Russ_Thomas something like this, something like PACT providing right now you can get some idea regarding this please have a look

@bionel please have a look PACT and something similar

Well to test single micro services in isolation and more services behavior with each other Contract testing is a technique every company considering right now

Is there any solution to perform Contract Testing using Katalon?