Continue to work on Mac while Tests are running on local


I have the following issue and I would like to know if there is a solution for this:

  • I run the test suites on my local machine: Mac
    Problem: I cannot use the mac while the tests are running, the focus is always changing into the browser where the tests are running making it impossible to do something else.

What can solve this? Is there a way to run the test “in the background”?

Thank you.

You should use “Headless browser”. Headless browsers would not arrest your cursors. Chrome Headless and Firefox Headless is supported.

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Alternately, create a virtual machine and run your tests there.

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In “Headless browser” the code that works normally keeps failing. I didn’t want to change all clicks and actions.

I guess, your test case script doesn’t “wait for elements” appropriately, therefore fails somehow. You should be able to fix it, but

you don’t want to fix codes.

Then, practical workaround would be running your tests on another machine.

Otherwise, try Russ’s suggestion. Install Oracle Virtual Box on your Mac, where you launch a Linux and install Katalon Studio.

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Using Firefox that issue went away, it seems that chrome and mac do not work well together when running the tests locally.