Katalon scripts break when simultaneously using computer elsewhere


I am currently using Katalon Studio 7.6.2

I have notice the following…
When I click play to run a test script, I must be careful not use the computer somewhere outside of Katalon Studio (Word, Excel, Windows Explorer, a browser, etc…) or else the script will break and give me an error. This is inefficient for me because I “lose control” of my computer while my script is running.

However, I know that this was not an issue in previous versions of Katalon Studio. I remember I used to be able to be running a script in the background while I was doing other work.

Is there a way to prevent this problem from occuring?


@Ilya_Novak Are you using Robot within your script? If you are, then you cannot use your keyboard or mouse when the Robot commands are being issued, as you are taking focus away from it. That’s the only thing I can think of.

Sometimes I use Robot, and in those cases yes, I do not touch my screen. But this issue applies whenever I am not using Robot too.

I don’t dispute you’re seeing issues but I don’t believe Katalon (and WebDriver) are causing them - at least, not without the devs reporting back that there are possible circumstances where this could happen.

And I know the issues you’re referring to. Going back ~5 years, I used to use Telerik’s Test Studio. That system seizes control of the mouse and keyboard at a very low level, meaning you had to give it sole control of the system while tests were being conducted. Terrible, terrible way to develop tests and try to work at the same time.

While we’re waiting for some input from the devs, you could execute your tests/suites In a VM. That would prevent the issue completely, if you’re correct in your diagnosis. If your machine is a reasonable spec, you could run all your testing in free copies of Windows 10 inside multiple VMs. (If you go this routes, you might want to investigate RD Tabs.)

@ThanhTo @duyluong @devalex88 Any thoughts guys?

Thank you.

My machine is currently Windows 7, but we plan a system upgrade to Windows 10 in the next month. Can you point me to documentation for running katalon scripts on a virtual machine?

Seriously? Just make a VM using whatever you like, virtualbox, vmware, hypervisor, install win on it, install katalon

I use Windows 10 ‘Task View’ to run Katalon in a virtual desktop(s) which works well for me. Once you move to Windows 10 do a Google search for Windows 10 ‘Task View’ for more information.

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