Connection failed when connecting Gitlab repository

I keep getting this error when trying to connect my GitLab tests repo with Analytics

In the username field, I provide my GitLab name and in the personal access I’m using a token with API scopes, here are some others I can use if that might be a problem:

The problem here might be that my organization requires to use their VPN to access our GitLab and it blocks the connection from TestOps.
I just tried connecting some private repo of mine from GitHub and it works fine.

If someone could let me know that might be the case I would appreciate that and if there is any better solution to get the most up-to-date test repo to TestOps.


When you figure out the network connection error caused by your internal VPN, it is recommended that you contact your company’s ITHelpdesk team to whitelist the Katalon domains (detail here).

Hope this can help answer your question. Thank you!