Compare image src value


It is possible to compare src value with Katalon Recorder.
I assert for text but text is empty and doesn’t have sense.
I need to compare this value: src=“/resource/images/enabled.png”

Web element: id=propertyForm:deployTable:rowGroup1:0:col22:enCol


use getAttribute


attribute = WebUI.getAttribute(findTestObject(‘Object/path’), ‘src’)
WebUI.verifyMatch(attribute, ‘/resource/images/enabled.png’, false)

Hi Timo,

Thanks for your answer. But I don’t use Katalon Studio. I use Katalon Recorder in Firefox

@peter.lukic important is the idee.
check in katalon recorder doc how you can retrieve an arbitrary atribute for a given element

Hi, use

assertAttribute | //xpath/to/img@src | /resource/images/enabled.png