Get attribute style from an element


I have an element on my page:

<div cdktrapfocus="" role="dialog" tabindex="-1" class="eui-u-anim ux-message-box ux-message-box--danger ux-modal ux-modal--small eui-u-anim--flipInY eui-u-anim--medium" style="display: none;" id=my-message-box" aria-hidden="true" data-e2e="ux-modal"> Bla Bla </div>

I would like to check if the element is displayed or not (value of the property display)

I have tried that :
Command: storeAttribute
Target: Xpath=//*[@id="commitment-numbering-message-box"]@display
Value: myModal

But I obtained this response:
[info] Store ';' into 'myModal'

The value “display” could change when an action is done on the page, but there is still the “display” attribute in the tag.

I don’t know why I don’t get ‘display: none;’ into myModal
So I cannot check the value of the attribute “display”.

Could you please help me?

@ThanhTo Do you any idea how to proceed for checking the display css property of the element ?

Try assertAttribute with the normal Target (I see @display at the end of your target so not sure if it’s normal) and the Value being "display: none;"

I retrieve the Xpath by a right click on the element in the Developer Console tool of Chrome and I do that:

command: assertAttribute
Target: xPath=//*[@id="commitment-numbering-message-box"]
Value: display: none;

I otain this result:
[info] Executing: | assertAttribute | xPath=//[@id=“commitment-numbering-message-box”] | display: none; |
[error] Invalid xpath [2]: //

Try removing the xPath= prefix

Same issue

You can right-click on the element and choose Copy Selector instead and in the target use css= plus the copied text.

Now I obtain that:

[info] Executing: | assertAttribute | css=.ux-message-box | display: none; |
[error] Element css=.ux-message-bo not found


This is a problem of incorrect locators, you can click on the button next to the Target field, click on the element on the page, and the Target field will be set to a locator for that element.


I tried that and it’s the same issue :frowning:

command: assertAttribute
Target: xPath=//*[@id="commitment-numbering-message-box"]
Value: display: none;

[info] Executing: | assertAttribute | //div[@id=‘commitment-numbering-message-box’] | |
[error] Invalid xpath [2]: //div[

Here my html code:

in the DOM the tag is still visible. Same for the

The value of the diqplay attribute change with the action. I would like to catch this value. Perhaps I could use the relative path ?


I think that it’s due to the command assertAttribute. I do that:

Command: assertElementPresent
Target: //*[@id=“commitment-numbering-message-box”]

And no error appears.

No I would like just to retrieve the attribute/or css property of the element inserted into the tag. Could you just help me with that ?

assert-attribute.html (926 Bytes)

Please download and see the sample test suite and see if you can adapt to your own case.

I put a relative path defined by:

Command: assertAttribute
Target: xpath=/html/body/app-root/ux-layout-app-shell/div/div/div/commitment-numbering-home/div/div/commitment-numbering-modal/ux-modal/div[2]/div/div/div[2]/uxmodalbody/commitment-numbering-form/form/ux-message-box/ux-modal/div[2]@style
Value: display: none;

It’s now working

Thanks for your help

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