[Command Line] pass parameter Global Variable not work in TestSuites Collection


I can run a test suites by passing a parameter (global variable) but when I try to pass this parameter for a TestSuites Collection it does not work.

Did you have the same problem?

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We use a global variable called runMaximized to control whether the browser is maximized when the test runs. This is how we pass the parameter when we run Katalon from the command line.


Not sure if this is what you are asking. The variable is referenced in script as:


			WebUI.setViewPortSize(1920, 1080)


We do NOT pass globals as parameters to test cases or suites; the test cases and suites simply refer to the globals directly as shown above.

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Here’s a similar question to yours that we answered:

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Thank you @ThanhTo , this is a much awaited feature for us because we do continuous testing (CI / CD). Thank you for your involvement !! Thank you team