Command line creation of a project and test suites for Linux users

I am hoping to be able to use Katalon Studio but since all our systems are Linux I would like to know if there is likely to soon be a command line option to generate a project and test suites. As I understand it, currently I would have to run Katalon Studio on a Windows or Mac in order to generate a project (.prj file) and the test suites (.ts) which I could then execute in command line on Linux.

I am also enjoying using the Katalon Automation Recorder but have found I can only export individual test cases in the Katalon Studio format and not the entire test suite which appears to be necessary for the command line execution. If it were possible to export the entire test suite as a .ts file we would be just one step away from being able to execute the test on Linux!

Although the full GUI on Linux would be the best case, at least generating projects and suites in command line would allow Linux users to start using Katalon fully instead of being reliant on a Windows or Mac.

Yes, you’ve understood properly. Alas, AFAIK there’s no way to generate .prj/.ts files on Linux.

Also, for a headless Linux server, you need the following :

Xvfb :0 >& /dev/null &
export DISPLAY=:0

Or else you’ll get display errors when trying to run Katalon in console mode.