Collection execution trigger warning : execution process is already running, please wait

Everytime I execute a test collection, I get this warning as one of the suite is terminating. But without closing the alert, the execution goes on and terminates well. But it is still annoying.



No answer…
I understand well my issue is not critical, but maybe I am not the only one impacted.

Hi Boris Faitout,

I understand what your feeling, feel sorry about that. I wonder that you see this pop-up/alert in this test suite collection page or in the report page which is you try to open?

And can you guess how many times you face this alert?

Hi Vy,

I think the alert pop with the report opening. It opens automatically when a suite execution comes to end. And each time a report is opened, and each time an alert is popping.


Oh well, I think it is not a bug. In my opinion, because the report-page need enough time to collect result from test suite collection, thus it can not support you to see it anymore. If you try to open the test report although this test suite collection is running, maybe you will miss information. So the best solution there is just calm down and wait until the test suite collection execute completely.

However, thanks for your reporting. We will consider it.


Off course, Vy, but it’s Katalon that tries to open the report too early. I am not responsible for this action, it’s a built-in setting of the IDE.
I don’t know how to slow this down. The only thing I can do is to deactivate the opening of report after test suites.

I am also having this issue. I only have the issue when executing test suite collections, not test suites.

This has nothing to do with opening the report and I am getting this error message in between individual tests within the test suite collection.

I also get this message on both Windows and Mac. My test suite collection contains multiple instances of two different test suites. Each test suite has 19 individual tests.

Any help in figuring out what is causing would be appreciated.


After several tests I have figured out what appears to be happening. When running a test suite collection this error will appear when the test suite collection tries to start another test suite when the previous test suite is still executing.

Can we get someone to take a look at this?

I’m getting this too.

Start a collection, three suites sequential, will run for approximately 3.5 hrs. Two reports open then this dialog appears, preventing the third from opening.

If I run the three suites in parallel, duration approx 1.5 hrs, this dialog appears repeatedly. So I’m not convinced it is directly related to the report generation - that seems to be a coincidence of timing, perhaps.

@devalex88 Since this is a Katalon Studio msgbox, can we have the devs dig out a reason for it? Should be easily found in the source.

KS v 6.0.6, Win10


I also faced this issue. could not find any solution for this.
I have a collection of 3 test suites. each using different browser.
while switching from one suite to other this pop up comes. and my global value updated in previous test suite is not carried forward to next test suite in such case.

any solution found for this yet?

same problem here. I guess there is no fix for it yet.

hey @Boris_Faitout and every one,

I managed to get rid of this popup buy going to the project settings >> Execution
and deselecting the “Open report” on the Post Execution Options.

Hope that helps!

Hi @felipe.pereira, thank you for the tips but I already knew that.
And I don’t want to disable the auto-open. I want it to work. :smiley:

Are there any updates on this?

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