CMD Build dialog is missing the "Report Configuration" section in version 5.1.0 build 2

Hi All and Greetings,

Could you please let me know why the “CMD Build” dialog is missing the “Report configuration” section in Katalon Studio Version: 5.1.0
Build: 2?

Also, the -sendMail option is not specified in the documentation. I could only see it on youtube


Hello, No one on this one? In version 5.3.0 the behavior is still the same.
This is how the dialog should appear (from the official doc)>

And this is how it actually appears:

Most of the options are missing in the new dialog. Do you plan to put them back?

Screenshot - 07_02_2018 , 14_47_55.png

Screenshot - 07_02_2018 , 14_50_32.png

Do you still have the issue with this setting. Email configuration is separated to another place, so generally, all the features are still available.

Hi Trong, Thanks for your response. In latest version (5.3.1) the behavior is still the same: the “Build CMD” dialog is missing most of the original options (output location, report file name,etc.), including the email configuration. The email configuration is separated? where is it now? Thanks


We hide these settings because it makes users confusing with complex UI. However, all the params are still available.

- For email setting, you could config it at: Project -> Settings -> Email
- For other params, please have a look at the instruction

Hope that it helps to solve your issue.

OK. Thanks Trong