[CLOSED - DUPLICATE] Unable to setText on input with javascript validation

I am working with one project, and I want to set text in particular textbox, which have javascript validation, check below scenario

The scenario in my site:
I have below textbox and also javascript enforce the range validation “1 to 1000” and allows only numeric value on it.

Problem in Katalon:
Now, whenever I use a setText keyword for this input then it will give red validation message many times. not sure setText call onchange or blur.

Here is my code.
WebUI.setText(findTestObject('IS/Product Detail/Quantity Block/Quantity Textbox'), '')
WebUI.setText(findTestObject('IS/Product Detail/Quantity Block/Quantity Textbox'), '5')

Could you please add the error log you are recieving in the console

It does not fail any steps, but even if I set quantity in between range by automation then also give validation message.

it is not happening in manual mode.

Instead of using set text have you tried clicking on the + increment to increase the value ?

yes its working fine with + sign
but problem occurred when use setText for quantity.


Please do not create duplicate posts for the same question. It’s a waste of our time and resources.

I have answered you question on the original thread and I will close this one.