Clicking Javascript menu item working in Chrome, not Firefox


We are testing Peoplesoft Fluid test cases. Katalon thinks it has clicked on the item in Firefox v61 and continues. It does this until it reaches an object and then says it is not there. However, it appears the underlieing javascript menu link method call is not getting executed, or the information not returned and menu updated accordingly from Firefox. The same test case works in Chrome v67.

I tried executing the javascript menu item with associated parameters directly from groovy but no luck. This makes sense because the returned information would have to be put into the menu for the menu to show the updated options for the user to click on. Again, Chrome works fine without running any fancy groovy javascript method calls.

Any thoughts?


Is this a public website I could look at?

Do you get any error message?

What is the nature of the HTML/element that is the target of the click?

What method/API are you using to cause the click?

Just an FYI, I was having this problem recently and it ate my lunch. In my case I clicked one menu and it worked fine, but on clicking the second menu, it wouldn’t open it. It wan’t a timing issue. The solution was to double-click the failing menu. And yes it was working on chrome fine from the beginning.