Click button in windows app not being clicked

Hi, I’m trying to click on a windows app and Katalon returns a green check in the status windows but no action was performed:



Test run:

According to the test run it’s finding the element, clicking and double clicking on it but nothing happens in the app.

Has anyone face this problem? Can it be solved?


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Hi @amiranda, You could try adding a wait for element visible to the button. This may help:

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Hi, I already tried that one and it appears that it finds it but the clicking is not happening. You can see in the image the second step is a WaitForElementPresent

Hi @amiranda, Try the following:

  1. Add a 30 sec wait before step 4: WebUI.waitForElementPresent(findWindowsObject(‘TestPlayout01/ChannelOneButton’), 30)
  2. Change doubleClick to: WebUI.enhancedClick(findWindowsObject(‘TestPlayout01/ChannelOneButton’)