Click at coordinate (x,y)

I’m testing windows desktop application and have object which has some objects(Buttons), but katalon and inspect can’t see them. I need to click on them by coordinate(x,y) by using any object

how can I do this

please help

Did you get any solution?

How about using clickElementOffset?

Windows.clickElementOffset(windowsObject, offsetX, offsetY, FailureHandling)

[Windows] Click Element Offset | Katalon Docs

Thanks but I also need to read a tooltip text, using clickElementOffset tooltip is not being visible.

You should put as much detail as you can in your question so that others can then give you a better reply.

Does the tooltip text have a visible spot to click on or is it the type that appears when you hover?

Thanks for responding. I have to automate these two steps in Desktop Application and its a grid:

  • First step is to move the mouse at specific coordinates on Grid.
  • As soon as mouse will reach at specific coordinates, tooltip will be visible and that I have to capture.

First step I have successfully automated by clickElementOffset or by moveByOffset (using Selenium Action class), but tooltip is not getting visible in both case. Mouse over or hover method is not available in Katalon for Windows.
So how to get tooltip visible and capture the its data?

Tooltip is visible now by using both clickElementOffset and by moveByOffset (using Selenium Action class) one by one, But unable to capture its data. Tried using Windows.getDriver().getWindowHandles(); but it does not show its ID. Any other way to do it?

A tooltip does not exist as an ‘element’, at least in web.
It is usually generated client side based on certain attributes, e.g. title.
See here some refs:
How to get Tooltip Text in Selenium Webdriver?.
although the above is not applicable for desktop apps and i am not familiar with such.

so, you have to talk to the developer of the application you are testing and figure it out what properties of the object you are targeting it is relevant for such case.
Otherwise, if your target is to test that the tooltip is actually showing the relevant info, you may have to grab a screenshot of it and apply some OCR.

Yes same in Desktop, tooltip is not a element and my purpose is to capture tooltip text and verify it.
So there is no way other then grab a image and compare it.

Perhaps the hints here may help you:

e.g checking the Displayed and the Text properties of the target element, provided you can locate it by the tooltip class.
But I have no idea if this is applicable for your case, it depends on the framework used for your application (the above seems to be for WinForm)

thanks but it didn’t work.

well… this is where my knowledge ends.
actually i never tried windows app testing, nor with katalon or any other tool.
hope somebody more experienced will jump into this.
@vu.tran there is any windows app expert in katalon team to help here?

@anubha.jain note that, you still did’nt provided detailed info about your AUT, e. g on what framework it is built?

Hello, We have used QT framework to develop the Windows application. Qt for Desktop | App and UI Development with Qt.
Tooltip is not an element so don’t know how to capture its data.

well… i am affraid you are out of luck.
altough i love QT (stands for cute) it is a natively linux / android framework, ported to windows at a certain moment in time.
kindly read again katalon docs, i am not sure from where the limitation came, from katalon side or from winappdriver side, but QT is not supported (and most probably will never be supported by the current driver) because the ‘win’ in the name

Is there any possible way to get the text from Cache in Katalon?