Circle CI Integration with Katalon and steps to get the Test Report after each build is run

Hello all,
We are planning to Integrate with Circle CI , so I need some information regarding steps to be followed. I read some articles and found the pre-requisite to be Katalon RunTime Engine Licence Key.
My queries are -

  1. How and where do we get the Test Reports after each build is run? Please list any configuration steps .
  2. Can someone list out the complete integration between Katalon Studio, Github, Circle CI, Katalon Orbs and Katalon TestOps - if you are using all these in your projects?

Below are the articles which I got regarding the integration -

Circle CI build and report generation
Katalon Orbs Registry-
CircleCI Developer Hub - katalon/katalonstudio
Orbs - CircleCI orbs are shareable packages of configuration elements, including jobs, commands, and executors.
Orbs Introduction - CircleCI

If anyone can explain with simple steps it would be of great help.
Thanks in advance.

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@kazurayam can you please help me with this query or tag someone who can help ?
Thanks in advance.

I have no experience about Circle CI, sorry.