Catch the browser popup and click button inside


I’m trying to catch the browser pop in Chrome after trying to leave a form.
Indeed when I click on the button “Close” in the form (after filling some fields), a popup appears asking if I’m sure to want to leave the form:

I tried to catch the pop-up and the action when clicking the buttons inside (OK and Cancel) but I didn’t succeed. I tried these steps:

enter image description here

But when I tried to execute it, it’s failled from the step assertConfirmationPresent, the step is not executed. Could you please help me to do that ?

Could you please help me to do that ?

@ThanhTo Sorry to disturb you, but do you know if it exists a way with KR to check the browser pop-up and interact with that :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help

Hi @amadese

Can you try to use storeAlert to store the text of the alert into a variable and print that out to see what it prints?

@ThanhTo I cannot catch the path of the native pop-up of the browser. As shown in the topic I recorded the actions and the result is in the topic. But I cannot do anything else.
When I executed again the test, the step on the click of the button in the pop-up is not executed by the tool.

Hi there,

We will fix that issue asap. Thanks for letting us know. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Dear Team, @ThanhTo and , Do you have any news about my issue regarding to the test of button actions and text inside the native browser popup after leaving a form ?