Card component cant be "tap" or "tap on hold"

This the documentation of my confusion too interact with this kind of componet and flutter app, is there anyone have a solution


Which version have you been using?

For katalon version is 8.6.0 and for the appium is 1.22.0.

is it because the appium version? the reason im using the 1.22 because when i used the latest version of appium (2.20) i cant do mobile recording in katalon

so sorry givin wrong information

6.7 ?

I can not find the version published at Releases · katalon-studio/katalon-studio · GitHub

The 7.0 was published at Oct 2019. So the 6.7 would be, if it is there, older than Oct 2019. It’s too old to talk about now (July 2023).

sorry for giving wrong information, i’m using 8.7.0 for the katalon studio version