Capture the object automatically by a custom property

It is possible to modify the property that is used by default to capture the object?. Currently it is the ID. We need the objects to automatically be captured by another property other than the ID and not manually modify one by one

First: sorry for my bad english
My question is, in SpyObject or in recording when performing an action on some object, it is detected automatically by Id or xpath. Is it possible that it is always captured by another property automatically ?, for example myId ?.
What I dont want is to modify the column “Detect object by?” .

I don’t think the ID of the test object is captured by default, because all properties of the test object will be captured and you can adjust which properties are can be used to detect object.

Can you help to elaborate it more?

I have the same question. Is it possible to have Object Spy to capture objects by a custom tag attribute. For instance for Java based Wicket applications it is possible to generate html tags with a custom tag with the Wicket object hierarchy in it. That way elements are always uniquely identifiable on a Wicket generator html page. It would be great (let me restate: Awesome!) if it were possible to record tests based on xpath that would capture elements on that custom tag.

In Selenium IDE this is done with a custom element locator function in JavaScript. See