Can't send get request with headers

Good day.
I am trying to send get request and in this get request I have to use headers

I was trying to do it several ways

First, just put all my headers into the HTTP header-IT throws a 406 error, but in Postman with the same parametrs and headers it works

Second way. I created a Test case and wrote script

And it also throws an error

Add the below to your list of import statements.

import com.kms.katalon.core.testobject.ConditionType as ConditionType

already did, but now have an error

but in Postman with the same data everything wo

rks and i get my correct responce

You chomped off the most important message:

(Root cause: co ...

Others can not see what you’ve hidden. So others can not understad your incident.

You can also inspect the HAR file generated when you send the request from Object repository manually, to check what was the actuall request sent and the response received:

Compare the above with the data from Postman, you may have a malformed header or the URL is not properly formatted.

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My first guess is, it may be due to the irn parammetter in URL.
Looks like it contains the %2F character (the code for the forward slash /).
I am not sure if Katalon handles this properly.

I also noticed, in Postman you have the Authorization: bearer ... unchecked.
Are you sure you have the right token in Katalon? Or it is actually needed?