Getting response when testing using POSTMAN but not from Katalon Studio

Hi Experts,

Am testing a SOAP service and passing a Header name ‘X-IBM-Client-Id’ with some string as value. Am getting valid response when I test from Postman but am getting an error response saying Invalid Client Id while testing from Katalon studio.

This ‘X-IBM-Client-Id’ isnt available in Katalon type drop down. So am typing that. Does Katalon allow processing of headers not defined by it.

We could add the key into Header of the request. Could you take the screenshot of the request so that we have more information on finding the root cause?

@Trong Bui Please find the screenshots attached. As you can see that same request is working in Postman but not in Katalon studio.

Postman and Catalon

Postman and Catalon

The client-id in Postman and Katalon Studio is different and the error is on authentication. Could you double check on it first?

@Trong Bui Sorry for the mismatch in the screenshots provided. Even when I try with client ID - ff3c2d0c-1198-4f1d-a612-b26a0bd155d9 which is working in Postman am getting same invalid client id error in katalon.

The content-type is also not the same.

Tried with same values as what I have in Postman. The error still persists.

URL used in Postman->

URL used in Katalon -> (since the operations werent loading)

Headers used in both Postman and Katalon:

X-IBM-Client-ID - ff3c2d0c-1198-4f1d-a612-b26a0bd155d9
Content-Type - text/xml

Request body:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=“”>




<tns:Add xmlns:tns=“”>






Have you found the solution? i am facing the same issue.

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I too get same issue. @Trong_Bui Can you give me your solution?, is reason about url “https…” ?