Can't run mobile recorder

I get the following error message when I tried to run mobile recorder

Hi @rojinapariyar.002,

Can you please take a look at this post to see if this helps, specifically, ensuring that the correct version of Appium is installed.

– Chris


This is it,
Ive changed it and now it works.


I’ve installed appium of version 1.8.1 and now the mentioned issue got solved. But again encountered with the following error message.


Hi @rojinapariyar.002,

Could you please confirm whether you installed Appium Desktop 1.8.1 or Appium Server 1.8.1? Unfortunately, there is a difference in the versioning, and they’re not in sync.

For best compatibility, you’ll need Appium Server 1.8.1, which you can get through npm install -g appium@1.18.1 or you can get Appium Desktop 1.6.3:

It also appears that there could be issues with MUI/Xiaomi devices. There are a couple of Stack Overflow posts about this that might be helpful:

Hope this helps,