Can't normally update test suit after updating to 5.8.5

Steps to reproduce:
1. Assume you have installed 5.8.0 version
2. Assume you have many Test Suits with various Test Cases.
3. Assume you unfortunately decided to update Katalon to 5.8.5
4. Assume then you decided to add a new test case into existed Test Suit.
So you click to “Add” button, see the tree of test cases:
- Test Cases, which are include into Test Suit are marked with checkboxes
- Test Cases, not included into Test Suit are not marked
So you choose Test Case you need.
Then click “OK”

Expected behaviour:
New Test Case added to last position in the Test Suit.

Current Behaviour:
All marked Test Cases in the tree (they are marked because they already included into test suit) added to Test Suit again (oh, see this release note about adding the same Test Case into Test Suit many times? - Thats the result)

Lets Imagine, you are understand how it suppose to works - all marked test cases should have been added into Test Suit, right? So you decided to deselect all test cases in the tree and left only one you want to add.

Now all existed test cases deleted from test suit and only one newly added test case remains.

Have you ever test this release before making update? How am I suppose to handle new test cases with old test suit?

sorry, wrong topic, create a new one into Katalon Studio

There is an issue where added Test Cases are duplicated. We’ve acknowledged this issue andbe releasingeasing a new version to fix this.

Thanks for your report.