Can't log into Katalon Studio, online nor offline

Hi everybody,

I just downloaded Katalon Studio 64-6.1.4 for Linux and I simply can’t log within the first Katalon Studio Activation and when I’m trying Offline Activation, it is not working also. For sure I’m using correct password and mail or copying generated key via button. I’m starting to be desperate since I can’t even start application.

If you have any ideas, I would appreciate them.
Thanks a lot.

Hello @lucieblazkova75

Are you not able to activate Katalon or

now you are also not able to run it ? To do activation you have to launch the Katalon itself first. It would be great if you have full admin rights on the machine.

I would suggest you to see this post, they are talking about setting up permissions to run the application.

Katalon studio can't launch (linux)?

There is another post that talks about proxy settings incase you are in a restricted network.