Can't Generate Error Report Using Bitbucket Pipelines & Docker

I am currently trying to generate a report while using Bitbucket Pipelines whenever an error has occurred or just whenever the Test Suite has finished running, however it does not seem to be saving to a directory in the Docker Image nor is it viewable as an Artifact to be downloaded. When I run the Test Suite locally I am able to view an HTML and PDF export of the Test Suite report. The YML file is as follows:
image: katalonstudio/katalon

    - step:
      - docker
      # Run Test
      - -browserType="Chrome" -retry=0 -statusDelay=15 -testSuitePath="Test Suites/TS_RegressionTest"
    artifacts: # defining the artifacts .
      - report/**

It can also be viewed here:

Below is a sample of the log:
2019-03-25 01:47:51.101 INFO c.k.katalon.core.main.TestSuiteExecutor - --------------------
2019-03-25 01:47:51.101 INFO c.k.katalon.core.main.TestSuiteExecutor - END Test Suites/Calculator
2019-03-25 01:47:51.101 INFO c.k.katalon.core.main.TestSuiteExecutor - ====================
Copying report to folder /opt/atlassian/pipelines/agent/build/katalon/report…

Test Suites/Calculator - Chrome - 20190325_014747…1/1(100%)

  • ret_code=0
    ++ id -u
    ++ id -g
  • chown -R 0:0 /opt/atlassian/pipelines/agent/build/katalon/report
  • chmod -R 777 /opt/atlassian/pipelines/agent/build/katalon/report
  • ls /opt/atlassian/pipelines/agent/build/katalon/report
  • cd /opt/atlassian/pipelines/agent/build/katalon
  • exit 0
    Searching for files matching artifact pattern report/**
    Searching for test report files in directories named [test-results, failsafe-reports, test-reports, surefire-reports] down to a depth of 4
    Finished scanning for test reports. Found 0 test report files.
    Merged test suites, total number tests is 0, with 0 failures and 0 errors.

The below screenshot is the blank Artifacts sections in BItbucket Pipelines:

Any help or ideas on how to generate the report to be available for download would be great! Thank you!