Cannot start mobile testing because i cant install appium (npm install -g appium)

Hi I would like to start also mobile testing but i cannot install the what i have to install.
i used as guide this video: Katalon Studio 20 - How to do Mobile (android) Testing on Windows with Katalon Studio | 8 STEPS - YouTube

1. How to install Node.js
2. How to install Appium
3. How to setup Android device (mobile) for automation
4. Connection and Validation
5. Run TestCase on mobile


1 : Check if Node.js is already installed
node -v
node --version
npm -v
npm --version

2 : Download and install Node.js
check node.js is installed by running the above commands
node -v
npm -v
where node

3 : Install APPIUM
check Java is installed on your system
java -version
npm install -g appium
npm install -g appium@1.5.2

Check if appium is installed
appium --version
appium -v
where appium

but at step 3 is something went wrong:

Can somebody help me what could be the problem?


Hi Peter, to install Appium you should Run Command Prompt with Administrator permission (CMD–>Run as Administrator). Then install appium "npm install -g appium@1.8.1

Hi, i have try this solution but doesn’t help. any other possibilities?


Were should I ask for help?

  1. Visit the Appium Download page to install the Appium Desktop client. Click on Appium.exe for Windows to download the ‘.exe’ file for Appium

  2. Go with the latest version of Appium.

  3. The File Download dialog box appears prompting you to Save the Zip file.

  4. Unzip the Zip file and extract the Appium folder on the same location to access the .exe file. Double click on the Appium folder

  5. Double click the A_ppium Installer_ to start the installation process. A pop-up window will display to select the appropriate language. Leave it as it is and click on OK.

  6. The installation process starts. Click the Next button to continue the installation.

  7. After the initial installation is done, the window will ask you where you want to install the Appium. You can choose to change where you want to keep your folder but it’s best to stick with what you were given first. Click _Next _to continue

  8. Leave this as it is and click Next.

  9. If you wish to have a shortcut desktop icon for Appium, select the option for ‘Create a desktop icon’ and_ click_ Next.

  10. Click on _Install _to initiate the final installation.

  11. Select the check box for Launch Appium and click on Finish.

  12. _Appium _will open up, once the installation is finished with the below message.

Note:_ I will suggest you restart your machine now, or wait for next installation of Eclipse but make sure you restart your machine before the running the first test._

Finally it works now, i needed the appium 1.8.1 version with the newest version it wont work for me.
Thx for helping me!

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