Cannot solve conflicts using katalon during merging of codes from different branches to a single branch


Always the project file is corrupted when I am merging code of two different branches into a single branch . Please help me over this issue


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do you mean the file?

What I normally do when I have a conflict is open that file in a text editor to remove the git conflict tags and keep the latest date value. Then add the updated file and commit. In discussing with my local dev team we’re contemplating adding that file to our .gitignore cause it doesn’t seem to actually contain anything, but we haven’t experimented with that yet.

I have found that that file gets updated when I open/close different files in Katalon Studio or even change my tree structure (collapse some, expand others) and I really don’t understand why, but since it seems to change for things as simple as that and the testCaseTag never changes for us, but the date does is why we’re contemplating adding it to our .gitignore

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