Cannot set value for datepicker

Hi all,
I am trying set value for datepicker below. I have tried with setText() and sendKeys() but they did not work.
Hope I can receive a solutions or examples from everyone
Thanks a lot!


Hi Tuan.NguyenHuu,
Are you trying to set this on a Mobile environment? It looks like a spinner so I guess you could use the Swipe command followed by Verify Element Visible for the number you are after and then Tap on that element.

Hi mohammad,
Thank for reply,
Yes, I am trying to set this on a Mobile environment. I have used a solution similar to your idea but I used Scroll instead of Swipe. However, it was unstable, sometime failed. So I want to find a new solution and example

I see what you mean by unstable. Never nice to have flaky tests. You could try adding some checks via if statements until you get the number you desire - it’s not the best solution but I guess a solution none the less? Good luck