Cannot record/run tests on a localhost web server

Hello !

We are attempting to include Katalon studio into our CI pipeline, and for that I am trying to create testcases.

The problem is that the Website is running locally on localhost:8080. When putting this link into the recorder, the browser opens but the website isn’t opened. I modified the link to http://localhost:8080/, and the recorder opened the website and i could record. Once I try to run the test and a button redirects to a new URL, (the URL is localhost:8080/… again) the test runner just stops.

This is very confusing, because when i first tested Katalon it had no problem opening the link localhost:8080 and running tests on it (It was a previous version, i don’t know which one)

Why is this happening and what can i do ?

EDIT: The browser im using to test is firefox.

Running the test using the url localhost:8080/explore/projects gives the following error message:

Test Cases/Account Management/Add new user FAILED because (of) Unable to navigate to ‘localhost:8080/explore/projects’ (Root cause: unknown protocol: localhost)

Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please try using “**http://**localhost:8080…” instead of “localhost:8080” inside the test case?

hi guys ,
I am facing the same issue and it was fixed when using http://localhost:8080

Dude this fix worked for me. Thanks!!