Cannot record or run tests

1. My colleague has created a test case with the recorder to run in Chrome as part of a project. This project has been shared with me (project copied from folder and sent by email as there is no export facility).

2. I added the project and test case to the Katalon folder on my machine. I can see it when I open this project in Katalon, and the test case has all the steps.

3. When I try to run that test case on my machine, I get this error:

"Error occurred during initialization of VM

Could not reserve enough space for 1267712KB object heap"

this is did not happen previously, and has now stopped me being able to create any test cases in the tool. In answer to the query set on Facebook, I am on Windows 10 and using 32bit version of Katalon.

Please could someone from Katalon get back ASAP. This is urgent as we are trying to prep.

Can you open katalon.ini file and change this -Xmx value to be smaller, e.g?


Reference to this page: