Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for 1267712KB object heap

What is this error?
My Test cases are not running, but its saying execution ‘done’

but in console above error is displayed

Can you tell me your current OS system requirements and also your OS version (32/64 bits)? Which Katalon Studio version (32/64 bits) you are using also?

Katalon Studio

Version: 5.3.0

Build: 1
32 bit

Windows 10 pro
64 bit

(with this combination it worked fine,even last week)

Ops you are using Windows 64 bits, then it’s suggested to use Katalon Studio 64 bits as well. Can you try to use that version instead?

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I downloaded the latest Katalon studio 64 bit version and It’s working fine.
Thanks a lot for the quick support.