Can we switch between two Mobile devices in single script

I am trying to automate a scenario where I make a call from one device via app and receive it on other device. is it possible to automate this scenario

Hi Milind ,

i dont think you can switch two mobile devices in single script.
but you can try with two test cases and add these test cases in test suite,
1st test case for calling and 2nd for receiving call,
run that test suite. it may resolve your problem.

can you please let me know how can i switch the execution from one device to other, like for eg i made a call in one test case from device A now i have to accept call in second test case from device B. so how can change the desired capabilities to switch to device B

Hi milind,

add 1st test case to 1st test suite (call).
then add 2nd test case to 2nd test suite (receive).

build configuration for it (call test suite) as shown in attachment. In run configuration select 1st device. click generate command and create batch file.

same way do it for 2nd test suite.
run test suite one after another.

run with 1 device.png

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Hi, I am trying to use this method to run two test test cases simultaneously. I am not sure should I go about generating command. I copied the command generated as it is into a batch file but when I execute it, nothing seems to happen. Is there something that I am missing? Where can I find a Usage guide for the command generated? TIA.

The bat file looks like this: