Can we send an email of a specific test suite to someone instead of the


I have my email setup in settings to send a report for every test suite upon execution to an email.
My question is that if it is possible to have a specific test suite/collection send an email to another email instead of the one in the setting? or is that a general email setting for all test suites?

it is, unfortunately. However…

It’s possible to send an arbitrary email by using an external shell executable. In the suite in question, use the @AfterTestSuite listener to call the executable.

Read this post for the details.

or, forget about this feature and plug the send email step in your CI tool (i hope you are using such)
so you will have full control over it, based on whatever criteria (status, test scope etc)


Which is a far better solution.


Hi @Russ_Thomas Thomas , Katalon 8.3.0 supports global variable in email body configuration as per this link - Email Settings | Katalon Docs The problem with this is that , it works when we have single email configure in global variable like Receipents = but when i passed multiple email id ( Receipents =; it throws an error like invalid character at 14th place. how do we differentiate email id when we need to pass multiple email id in the email body through global variable

@contrat There is an option in Test Suite to send email to specific “Mail Recipients”