Can we open .ipa file directly in katalon on Mac

Tryin gto open .ipa file in katalon on mac

a. Installed homebrew
b. Installed carthage, npm, node, appium
c. Linked appium folder in katalon preferences
d. Skipped xcode part in which docc of ktalon says to go webdriver folder under appium / node modules and do various settings as well
e. open katalon, device detected
f. try start application

unable to start application. string index out of range -6 → appears

As I am new to mac and Katalon please help. Successfully worked in android on windows.

I don’t have the code as well of the applicaiton testing in. I have only the .ipa can i work directly on mac by passing xcode?

Please respond as I have to respond in my organisation

Thanks a lot in Advance!!

I have the same issue