Can someone tell how to Build / Deploy Katalon project from DEVOPS point of view?

Can someone tell how to build Katalon project…?

I am novice programmer. The Devops team in my organization is asking… how to build the katalon code and later they would use Octopus tool to Deploy it.

Kindly explain in non-technical terms how to build the katalon code.

FYI … We are using GIT_TFS as our source code management tool.

That’s a pretty broad question… What do you mean by


I would give this a quick read on how to set up the studio and generate a sample project.

Hmm. disover(sic)_katalon. I know that name.

Ah yes…

So what’s with the “I am novice programmer” and acting like (or asking questions like) you’ve never seen the tool before?

1 - bad memory?

2 - multiple people sharing one account?

3 - Hacked account?

fess up dude.

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:joy::joy::joy: … wasn’t gonna say anything…

Hi Russ/ Brandon … What does build mean from DEVOPS point of view. wrt to Katalon ?


Hmmm in that context, there’s no other way I’m familiar with other than to have an instance of the studio on the target machine, and to open the project at least once, so that the appropriate binaries can get built from source. This topic seems to say the same thing:

Sounds like a feature like this is on the roadmap?

My guess (And that’s all it is).

1 - DeOps are probably interested in the build->deployment chain.

2 - If they are thinking of building Katalon from source, ask them to do their jobs and read the introductory material (okay, okay, shortcut: they can’t, it’s proprietary at that point).

So if it’s #1 (because #2 is a non-starter) they’re likely talking about your test code, deploying to a test stage some place, providing reports (perhaps analytics) and then publishing to wherever.

Sounds woolly, right? Well, so is the question. :expressionless:

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Evidently not true. Critical thinking and critical exposure should be taught five days/week in school from an early age.

I think what you’d like to see is a little more humility.

Well, hang in there. I’m working on it.


Presumably his Devops team doesn’t know Katalon Studio at all. They do not know they are not supposed to ‘build’ it. They do not want to spend their hours to learn how KS is packaged and how to run it. They asked him a quick question with the assumption in mind that KS is some sort of open source software.

I think that Brandon’s reply is the best answer to the Devops team, plus the link to Console Mode execution, and ask them to learn a bit about KS.

@disover_katalon devops does not have to build it. just to deploy it :wink:
it’s already built
and, as other people already mentioned, advice them o read a bit. it won’t hurt!

Thank you all … for your wisdom

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