Can not record web, grey layer over whole page and id("katalon") only identified


Katalon studio 6.1: After recording started. It opens url, but there is grey layer over it and no elements are identified. So basically I can not record.
But when I use Katalon recorder browser plugin, I am able to record.No grey layer in this case.


Could you please share more information on the issue - if this was an issue with katalon 6.1 there would be an abundance of topics created.

Please share screenshots, any errors logs from the console in katalon and F12.



There is nothing in log


Did katalon studio ever work for you? or is it just this specific version.

From reading this thread - looks like could be something in your code, although im not sure - i havent seen this error before. Have a read and see if theres a solution that works for you. Sorry i cant help more.


KS recording works on some pages, but this one is a problem.
But when I record it with plugin for chrome (Katalon Recorder 3.7.0), and import it into KS it works.


So if KS works on some pages i can only see it being a problem with that page and not KS. Maybe ask one of your devs to take a look at the error code and see if they have an idea of what may be causing the issue on that page.


I was expecting, that if the recorder and studio are both your products as well they should work well on the same pages.


Now i dont work for katalon, nor do i know the tool inside out - im just a user of the tool so im trying to give you a solution just from experience.

Yes, they should. I cant see a reason why your recieving this screen in KS and not using the recorder. Could you take a screen shot of the page you recieve ?

Do so more reasearch into the errors your recieving in the console. Theres clearly something going wrong on that page.


I’d like to, but I can not (not allowed). And sorry about that (your product)