Can not recognize menu items are displayed under navigation-slide

I have a problem that i can’t locate/ recognize the child/s of the menu items
see the menu item:

here is how the element displayed at chrome:

now i expand the element and i can not locate or recognize the menu items under it (the child menu items):

here is how the element of the child menu item displayed at chrome:

any idea why katalon can not recognize it ? more important what should i do? the child menu items are clickable and i need to test it.

the menu with the item marked.JPG

elements of menu item.JPG

the menu after the menu item expanded with the child item marked.JPG

elements of the child menu item.JPG

In this case, I think you should manually inspect it. This guide can help you


I had the same trouble and to resolve it I wrote 2 times the same line (don’t know why but it works).

Here an exemple :‘test_30_11/div_closeMenu’))‘test_30_11/div_closeMenu’))

NB : I tried your solutions @“Vinh Nguyen” but it didn’t work.