Can No Longer Drag and Drop Items in Test Explorer Window

I used to have the ability to drag and drop items inside the Test Explorer itself. An example of this is the Object Repository. I used to be able to click on an object, drag it to another directory in the Object repository and have it move and all the test cases would update their reference. This is no longer the case.

When I try to do this I get an error that says: Unable to move the selection: null
The funny thing is… If I refresh under the Project Menu, the item shows as having being moved. References don’t appear to update.

If I try to delete an object from the repository, Katalon says the object has been deleted but it is still present in the view. Even after I refresh the PRoject it is there.

So it seems that I cannot drag and drop reliably and I cannot delete objects from my repository.
Can someone please help me out with this? I have been updating regularly and I am guessing maybe the last update broke this?
Please help as this is making Project Managment as for Objects and Test Cases very problematic.


Hi @frederic.jones

I could not reproduce this issue. Can you provide me with a minimal reproducible example ?

As far as i recall, this happens when you try to drag something into the root directory of the project…

Thank you for the reply but I am not sure that is the issue. I was able to do this before and I can still do it under Test Cases section and Test Suites. IT just seems to be a problem with items under the Object Repository.


Hi @frederic.jones

Please give me the log file under Help > Error Log when the dialog with the exception appears.

Sent it to you

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