Can I run studio v6 and v7 on the same machine?

I have a few questions about Katalon Studio versions 6 and 7 that I’m hopeful you can help with.

I work in a small company and run version 6 on my laptop. I am not a software engineer. I use the record functionality to create test cases, but I am comfortable doing basic tasks in Script mode.

After April 30 will version 6 become inoperable, or is it just that new installations will not be allowed?

I’d like to continue using version 6 while I evaluate version 7. Can I have both installed and running on my laptop? Do I need, or is there a benefit, to activating version 7 with a different username then used for version 6?

Anything else regarding a transition from 6 to 7 that I should be aware of?


Not to put you down a rabbit hole of information, but this will probably help: Sunset of older KS versions

Looks like old accounts and old installations will be fine until 4/30. Anything new is out of luck.

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