Can I include a TestListener in plugin's jar file?

I have a question abou the architecture of Katalon Plugin mechanism.

I am studying how to make my “Visual Testing in Katalon Studio” a Katan Plugin. The “Visual Testing in Katalon Studio” consists of a few external jar files plus some Custom keyword. And also it requires a TestListener.

The original implementation has a TestListener like this:
As you can see, it is complicated. I wanted to encapsulate the detail into external class.

The current implementation of a TestListener for “Visual Testing in Katalon Studio” is like this:

This Test Listener/VTListener code will be common to all of “Visual Testing” projects, and is required. I hope I can include this class in the Plugin’s jar file which will be distributed to “Visual Testing” projects of others.

Is it possible to include my Test Listener/VTListener code in the plugin’s jar file for distribution?

Does the downloaded TestListener work as an active TestListener class in “Visual Testing” projects developed by others? — I guess, not.


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