Can I have structured data (JSON,XML) as input rather than using the internal data and excel files?

Is there a way that I use data in JSON or XML format as my input data for scripts in Katalon Studio?


I am also interested in that topic. Unfortunately, the response time is pretty long here :confused:
I hope somebody has ever used this type of data and would share his knowledge.


I am also interested. Is Katalon Studio supports JSON or XML format.


This is a great suggestion. Try posting it in the proper forum.

Our firm is interested as well… Hopefully JSON, XML get supported soon as data source

How to import config xml file and use it in script?
The config file will have inputs like URL(like SIT, UAT etc), username and password and other parameters which have to be used as environment variable. Also used in CICD.

yes, there is way how to read xml, json and parse them. groovy is actually perfect for such task. just ask google about json/xml in groovy and you can start