Can I do open Firefox with a profile?

Hi, I need to execute my test cases in Firefox 30.0 with a profile with a plugin. But, I can’t do that works.

Someone knows how I can do it?


Hi there,

This feature is not supported in current latest version (4.3). However, we are developing this feature from our side , so please wait for the future releases.


Any update on this feature?

Any update to this request? Also a Desired Capabilities would be nice.

I am not so sure about that. Maybe it has not been supported yet.

It is now possible to open firefox with the profile?

Any news?

Yes yes yes! I’d prefer using Chrome Canary or FirefoxNightly!

That is not helpful, Russ.

Yair Treister said:

That is not helpful, Russ.

Okay, let me try that again…

In addition to being able to specify a Firefox profile, I would also like to be able to specify alternative installs of the regular browsers.

Is that more to your liking? If not, please explain why.